Searching Craigslist the easy way.

Craigslist, for those of you who don't yet know it, is a not simply a free classified web site it is a full community of people searching, posting and interacting all on one site. Craigslist has over 12 Billion pageviews per month which makes it a massive market place.

The site is set up in a local community style format, let's take San Francisco Bay Area for instance. When searching craigslist in the sf bay area, you are first placed in the major location "SF bay area" which has the following locations within it: san francisco, south bay, east bay, peninsula, north bay and santa cruz. Craigslist is a very well orginized place with many communities nitted together to make an area.

Some times these areas stop right next to another area wich is very near by and well within your travel distance. What to you do when this happens, well you have two options;
1] you can search each area by clicking in and out of these areas and performing the same search over and over, or
2] you can use a search tool like Craigslist Search Engine.

The second option is best if you do not wish to be locked into a specific area, with the Craigslist Search Engine you are able to break out of the limitations and search a much greater area than you would be able to using just

With Craigslist Search Engine you can still search within local areas but you can also expand out and search in larger areas such as state wide and you can search craigslist nation wide.

It's the ability to search craigslist nation wide and state wide which makes the Craigslist Search Engine so very useful, with this expanding search ability you can find exactly what you want in a greater area where you would be willing to travel to pick up your item or even to meet someone.

Craigslist has many topics for locating anything you would want, some of the topics of intrest are as follows;
activities, artists, childcare, general, groups, pets, events, lost+found, musicians, local news, politics, rideshare, volunteers, classes

strictly platonic, women seek women, women seeking men, men seeking women, men seeking men, misc romance, casual encounters, missed connections, rants and raves

apts / housing,rooms / shared,sublets / temporary,housing wanted,housing swap,vacation rentals,parking / storage,office / commercial,real estate for sale

accounting+finance,admin / office,arch / engineering,art / media / design,biotech / science,business / mgmt,customer service,education,food / bev / hosp,general labor,government,human resources,internet engineers,legal / paralegal,manufacturing,marketing / pr / ad,medical / health,nonprofit sector,real estate,retail / wholesale,sales / biz dev,salon / spa / fitness,security,skilled trade / craft,software / qa / dba,systems / network,technical support,transport,tv / film / video,web / info design,writing / editing

Only to name a few, Craigslist has many more topics to search and with a tool like craigslist search engine you can browse through many topics at once.

The Craigslist Search Engine simply makes your craigslsit expeirance that much better, so why not go check it out by clicking Craigslist Search Engine and have fun searching.