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After the photo session, Bob the wind scorpion was released back into a really comfrey rock pile about 6' by 20 yards, he was happier there than in my living room :)
Wind Scorpion vs. the Black Widow
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The Wind Scorpion is about the coolest of all the arachnids, this is the only little bug that can cause a grown man scream like a little girl :)

The common names for this little terror are wind scorpion, camel spider, sun scorpion and sun spider. But we like Wind Scorpion best.

Although Wind Scorpions are arachnids they are not spiders they belong to a distinct arachnid order, their technical family is solifugae also known by the names Solpugida, Solpugides, Solpugae, Galeodea and Mycetophorae.

Solifugae which in the latin, means those that flee from the sun.

But no matter how many words you throw at them, the basic facts are that they are just down right mean.

They only come out at night during the summer months and they will come right at you, I have looked down on many occasions and noticed one running around in circles on my shoe apparently attempting to locate the yummy morsel which was my heat signature.

After observing these little buggers over the past 14 years out here in the dessert, I have come up with a theory that Wind scorpions see in the infrared spectrum. They seem to seek body heat, if one is coming toward you and you move, it will reacquire you and continue to come at you, but once on you is seems to get confused by your total heat signature and then just run around without purpose.

And it takes a lot to let one of these little things freely run around on you..

In summary, they are simply fricken cool :)