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All of these images were taken at night using a flashlight, these came out okay and the rest of the sequence were rubbish. So these are all I have available.
Wind Scorpion vs. the Black Widow
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This is one of the more interesting Black Widow I have seen, it may be male, the markings are not quite right for this area, it has the hourglass on it's belly, but in the pictures below you will see that it has other markings on it's back which are consistent with other images of males. Female Black Widows should be solid black except for the hourglass, like this one that lives in my garage although small, she is solid black.

This is most likely a male but I call all black widows "she", the females are usually larger and more bulbous than the ones here in these pictures.
She normally looks like this one, but there are many types of Black Widows, so this is just an example.

So on with the show
This young wind scorpion had the unfortunate luck of walking under a black widow's web while out looking for food one night.

In this picture the wind scorpion is still alive just not for long :)

The scenario went something like this; the wind scorpion was running around searching for food, you can see that this one hasn't eaten recently and that is when it got one leg stuck in the black widows web. The actual fight did not take too long as little miss widow was smart.

She ran down it's web staying well away from the wind scorpion tied the stuck leg into the web and then attached a second strand of web to the wind scorpion. She then ran back up to the top of it's web and began pulling the rest of the wind scorpion up into the web.

Once up in the web the wind scorpions own thrashing got it tangled into the rest of the web and then the black widow simply came down and bit the wind scorpion on the knee, waited for it to slow down a bit and then came in and began wrapping it up. This was the end of the wind scorpion.