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Searching craigslist can be a pain if you live near three or four craigslist zones
Each zone in Craigslist is broken up in to separate sub domains and to search these zones you must search one then select another to search and then yet another. Each zone must be searched separately, there is no option to search multiple zones.

What has happened on the web is many people have developed many different types of solutions to overcome this problem for people who want to search craigslist by state or even nationwide. Some of the solutions are not as good as others, some of them directly search craigslist causing a bandwidth impact on craigslist, while others leverage sources which have already indexed craigslist. The two types of Craigslist search tools have their good points and their bad points. The bad point of a direct indexing craigslist searcher is that it takes money from craigslist in the form of bandwidth abuse and server load and as more and more direct indexing search tools are created, the impact on craigslist will cause serous problems.

The good points of a leveraged craigslist search tool is that they have zero impact on craigslist. the leveraged search tools allow you to search craigslist by state, by city or nation wide but the results are pulled from a source such as Google. The good thing is that Google indexes Craigslist on a constant basis which means that you get fresh search results and cause no damage to

This site linked to by this page is a zero impact site and is totally free to use, there are no memberships required and no logins, just simply search and get your results. It's that simple.

If you do not know what craigslist is or you are tired of searching craigslist the hard way, then by all means, you should click the link above to see what craigslist is all about.