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CraigsList Search Engine
Feedback from people using this cool Craigslist Searcher tool
CraigsList Search Engine?

What a bland name.
Why not call it Awesome Craigslist Search Tool or The Best Little Craigslist Search in Texas.

name it something that sounds powerful like Craigslist Mega Search.

But apart from the fact that you can't name a site for crap, the Craigslist search tool is the bomb! I have been using it over the past few days and I really like it!

Now get off your butts and add in all the stuff you have in your news!

and call it something other than CraigsList Search Engine.

CraigsList Search Engine
Feedback from people using this cool Craigslist Searching tool
Craigslist search engine is great!

I love it, it has helped me find items I would have
never found browsing craigslist on it's own.

Keep up the great work

CraigsList Search Engine
Feedback from people using this cool Craigslist Searching tool
Your search tool on craigs list beats craigs list hands down now make it better I want more
CraigsList Search Engine
Feedback from people using this cool Craigslist Searcher tool
#@!& me,

it's like searching craigslist but it's like craigslist on google!

How did you pull off getting Google to let you use their craigslist search results???

I have to have this script! how do I put craigslist search engine on my site??

This site ROCKS!

Make a craigslist job search for craigslist and I will use your site every day!

Great Job... Don't Stop.

CraigsList Search Engine
Feedback from people using this cool Craigslist Searcher tool
WOW! I found exactly what I was looking for!!!
You were right! This is a very cool search engine, I think you are going to go a long way with this.
I just wanted to thank you for making it, I hope others find it as useful as I did. I am trully going to tell all my friends about this, I think they will enjoy it as much as I do

Thank You.
Change Your Search Location
Your current search Location is All of Craigs List
The Change your location feature is coming soon :p
Craigslist, an universal database arranged as both an advertisement service and discussion forums, is often considered the Internet equivalent of classified ads. Craigs list offers a wide range of services, goods, romance activities, events postings as well as advice.

General Information for CraigsList Search Engine.

Craigs List Searchengine allow you to easily search through Craigslist just as if you were searching Google, our site in fact uses Google to deliver the CraigsList search results to you.

To Search Craigslist
Simply type a search phrase relating to what you wish to find into the search box located ar the top right section of this web page.
After you have entered your search phrase simply click on the search button and off you go.
Your Craigslist search results will be displayed on the following page.

Note: When you are searching craigs list for the first time or you have changed your search location, there will be a short pause between the time you arrive at the search results page and when the results actually are displayed. This is due to Google changing it's search engine to show you the proper results.
Please wait while the Craigslist Search Results are displayed, it could tale up to 7 or 8 seconds. After your first search in any new location, the search results will be displayed at a normal speed.

Changing your Search Location
To change the location where you wish to conduct a search of Craigslist, click on the "Change Search Location" menu located at the top left area of this web page.
A list of states will be displayed at the top of the center column of the web page. You can click on "All of Craigslist" to reset your search location to it's default setting and search the entire country or you can click on a state name.
Clicking on a state name in the list of locations to choose from will open up a list of cities within that state which Craigslist services.
Clicking on the State Name from within the city list will set your search location to the entire state or you can click on the name of your city to isolate your search to that city.

Once you have changed your search location, you must refresh your browser window to set the new location, this is done by either clicking refresh or pressing the F5 key on your keyboard.
Refreshing is important as the web page will not know your new search location until you do a refresh. If you do not refresh after a location change then the first set of search results will still be in your old location but will correct it's self for every search after that.

Also remember that the first set of results after a location change will take a few seconds longer to show up, but will be a normal speed after that.

Impact we have on Craigslist.org
None at all.
We do not spider Craigslist.org, 100% of our search results come from Google.
Craigslist.org has stated that they allow search engines like Google to spider their site and in an effort to not impact Craigslist's bandwidth or cause server slowdowns, we in fact gather our results from a source which is already allowed and expected.

This makes us one of the only Craigslist.org friendly Search Engines on the Internet.
Help Us Grow

If you think this site is useful to other people, please link to us.
If you link to us, it will help us grow in Google's search rankings. This will allow this Craigslist Searcher to be seen by more web surfers like yourself.

Thank You for helping us grow.

Please copy the following link and place it on your Web site or Blog.

And again Thank You for supporting us.

What does CraigsList Search Engine Do?

Craigs List Search Engine does just what the name implies, it is a search engine for Craigslist.
The overall idea of this site is relatively straight forward, the search box located in the top right of the web page is your gateway to Craigslist. You search this site lust like you would search Google by typing in a search phrase and clicking on the search button.
The search results for Craigslist are then presented on the following page.

An important note would be that we do not actually spider Craigslist, we pull our results from Google. This sets us apart from other sites which allow you to search Craigslist in that our site has a zero impact on craigslist.org. We never spider craigslist directly.
The fact that we never spider Craigslist.org but actually gather our craigslist search results indirectly through Google means we are a Craigslist friendly search engine.

So in a nutshell, we are a zero impact, craigslist.org friendly search engine which allows you to search and browse through Craigslist.org using an interface much like searching Google, except, our Google results are for Craigslist only.
All the search spam is removed and you get pure Craigslist Results.

This is a beta feture, we are still tweaking it

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